Learn how air strippers are being used to remove contaminants like disinfection by-products (THMs) and other VOCs from drinking water at treatment facilities.
The principles behind the air stripping process are introduced and several types of stripping methods are discussed. The unique advantages of sliding tray air strippers in achieving water quality targets while lowering the costs of installation and maintenance, especially under high fouling conditions, are
examined. Case histories of major remediation, process and drinking water
treatment projects will be presented.
David Kaminski is Senior Vice President at QED Environmental Systems and is a frequent presenter on environmental sampling, remediation and treatment to industry organizations, universities, and regulatory agencies worldwide.
Dave Fischer is Vice President of Technology at QED Environmental Systems. Dave has over 32 years of experience in the field of groundwater  contamination and has led QED’s Treatment group for over 15 years.
Educational Outcomes

* Knowledge of the nature of VOCs and their impact on drinking water
* Understanding of the different are stripping methods, including advantages and disadvantages of each.
* Understanding of proper care and maintenance of air stripper equipment.
* Understanding of factors that impact the effectiveness of air stripper technology